Assist us get some Catfish! To report a catfish that is potental please e-mail catfishexpose@gmail, or proceed with the “submit” instructions on this web site.

July 25, 2021 By Centeria Digicraft 0

Assist us get some Catfish! To report a catfish that is potental please e-mail catfishexpose@gmail, or proceed with the “submit” instructions on this web site.

To report a potental catfish, please e-mail catfishexpose@gmail, or stick to the “submit” directions on this web site.

This individual surely got to me personally. We know whos behind it. Complete name, target, household, cell phone numbers, etc. she surely got to me personally and another woman in Brooklyn. At one point I was introduced by her to another woman and months later on once I began placing the pieces together we came across straight back up because of the woman and confirmed every thing. Your ex is Gabby, she poses as their relative. Not merely is this a catfishes that are serial it’s escalated. She became all of our friend that is best. We hung out constantly, shed bring me soup whenever we had been unwell, stayed inside my household, consoled me whenever I cried about Gabe, Ive came across her moms and dads, her other friends as well as the other woman targeted has been doing the exact same. One other woman hated me personally. Gabby was indeed using candid pictures of me personally once we hung away and giving em to another woman as Gabe which will make her jealous. Im considering appropriate possibilities to simply simply take her straight straight straight down but the pain sensation and damage that is mental has triggered myself in addition to other woman is horrifying. She actually is mentally drawing and ill in her objectives closer and closer and I dont want anybody else to experience We have. There clearly was much more for this, Im thrilled to fill anybody in such a long time as it assists bring her to justice and we hope get her some help on her behalf infection.

I’m actually looking for if this guy is notbeen or real conversing with him for some time now. We have their cell phone number. We talk every but something doesnt seem right day. Facebook title is Lancaster Jones. COO OF BANGERBROS, Miami Florida

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The catfish person genuine title is Chasmaine Burris she lives in milwaukee wisconsin a hyperlink is provided but we dont learn how to share one or more website website link the Instagram title is nina990 she got another catfish Instagram called miami990 she’s got a Facebook pet seafood called fashionable classyy

Check the page she is catfish she goes on the title of nina990 and miami990 on Instagram it is someone that is using pictures. She’s got a Facebook called classyy classyy and she makes use of some other person photos off of there too

This is actually the individual behind the Gabe/Gabriel/Voxberg/Wagner catfish account. Her title is Gabby Varga. She lives within the Queens/Brooklyn part of new york. This woman is a unlawful mastermind, a master manipulator plus an ideal liar. Such a thing and precisely what she states is a lie and can head to great lengths to weave a story that is elaborate attempt to fool you. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE IN CONTACT WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL OR ANYONE WHO CLAIMS THEY UNDERSTAND HER PLEASE E-MAIL United States IMMEDIATELY AT catfishexpose@gmail. This woman is dangerous and caution that is extreme be properly used whenever to arrive experience of her.

Let me reveal a summary of the understood telephone numbers which can be getting used by Gabby to catfish:

Let me reveal another distribution! That he is who he says he is, please email catfishexposer@gmail with Jay Life as the subject line if you have any information on this person or can confirm/deny.

right Let me reveal someone we came across and corresponded with on BlackPlanet.

Their email is Jaylife4@yahoo PeopleSearch-type queries yielded me personally absolutely absolutely nothing about him. He claims their title is Jay lifetime, age 43 DOB 2/23. There are many photos of him on their BlackPlanet web web site – display title LIFEOFJAYLIFE. He states claims to become a biker and a firefighter. Claims to ive in Narrowsburg, NY. Looking the different the search engines, we went upon their email attached to the title John Floyd from a classic advertising of a Scion on the market. Within the latest images he delivered me personally, one he had been putting on sunglasses, plus one he had been in a car or truck a long way away where i possibly couldnt get a look that is good their face. Ironically, we stopped talking after a couple of months in the device as he accused me personally of delivering him images that didn’t seem like me. That came in the point we planned to fulfill the conference never ever happened, but to the time, i will be wondering.